Hypothetical Scenario

MIT Diagram_v2

Hypothetical Scenario:

An engineer has a PowerPoint briefing in which he needs a chart depicting a battle scenario of US forces attacking an enemy force. The battle is occurring in a littoral environment and both US Navy and US Air Force forces are present. All US forces have either radio communications or wireless data links between them and those communications paths need to be depicted. The enemy force has assets similar to the US forces. In the scenario there needs to be a couple of “token” engagements between US forces and enemy forces. Weapons have been launched in these engagements and need to be depicted accordingly. All assets, both US and enemy forces, should be labeled appropriately detailing what they are.

Interactive Power Point Show: hypothetical-scenario_v4


Concept Sketch

battle area

2D Layout


Color Space


3D View

ground paint

Color 2D Landscape


Set up Camera View

Diagram render.jpg

Rendered from 3DS Max and add elements in Photoshop