Graphic Design

George has many years of experience consulting with corporate clients to elicit requirements, sharing ideas, and creating sketches with traditional media, showcasing design concepts spanning web design, print collateral, animation, and architectural design. He has prepared and presented design proposals and storyboards with Photoshop and Illustrator. George produced 3D graphics for corporate websites and marketing materials, 3D animations and video for streaming informational content, 2D animated graphics in Flash for websites, and interior and exterior drawings and renderings for architectural design.

Clients Include: Doron precision systems, XCube, Kronos, HP, Garfield Group and more.

Animated Screen Saver for Trade Event:


Still Capture with overlays

Animated Web Graphics:

screen grab

Photographic Product Modeling for Product Marketing:


Print Design With Adobe Illustrator:


Product Poster Design:

poster set

Rapid Prototype and Design:


Product Animation:

Web Design and Maintenance:  


All graphics, animation, and pdf white papers  on this site were designed and created by George.

Word Data Sheets:

Rolling Power Point Presentations:

Autonomus Development_13x19_v1.jpg

Storage Cluster_13x19_v1.jpg


Data Recorder13x19.jpg

VLBI-in a box 13x19_v2.jpg

data sheets1

data sheets