Wildfire Product Animation

 This video was the first of many product overview videos that were used as internal education and promotion. This was the first of two large media development effort at HP super computing division. George worked as principle designer working directly with engineers from the early stages of the product development and followed it over a 3 year period filming technical videos and creating technical animation overviews of the system technologies.

Photo-realistic Modeling of Complex Computer Systems

This 3d model was created to be used for media production and technical documentation and training. The image was printed on a life size banner and shipped around the world to represent the unavailing of the new AlphaServer series super computer. George lead this effort with a small team of artist working directly with engineering and was an ongoing project over several years. This was the second of  two back to back extreme media development for the AlphaServer line.


Branding and Marketing Posters

George is the Principle Marketing and Media Designer at XCube in Nashua New Hampshire. There he creates a full range of marketing materials. These product posters were developed from combining 3D models and Photos of equipment. The graphical elements were extracted from video animations that set the theme for XCube’s image branding.
poster set