About George

George Wisnowski is an accomplished 3D Modeling Artist offering a solid blend of creative talents and technical expertise showcased through a comprehensive portfolio of terrain creation, vehicle construction, character development, world structures, 2D and 3D animation, web development, graphic design, and drawing / painting. George’s highly intuitive and collaborative with innate ability to translate ideas and requirements into conceptual drawings / sketches and storyboards. His articulate and engaging with strong written and verbal communication acumen; he successfully partners with cross-functional / multidisciplinary teams and clients, inspiring innovation, creativity, and originality.

If we look further at George’s talent it might be relevant to note that George’s gift to project complex ideas onto the 2 denominational page didn’t just happen overnight. George has had a passion for visualization since he first put his paint brush to canvas at 12 years old and even before that was drawing 3d illustration for his 5th grade newspaper.  Here is a link to a resent newspaper article about George’s art.

Recent Newspaper Article About George and His Art.