Boston Brownstones

Boston Brownstone

Boston Brownstone

Went down Newbury Street in Boston and tool photos from across the street of each house. I went completely around the block and got lots of the back alley too. Tough in the back alley because its hard to get back far. Its always best to get the photos straight on and get back a ways.

You can always improvise while you build leaving out unnecessary details. I did include the foliage of the day in the model

Brown Stone back Alley

Brown Stone back Alley

I didn’t put any of the fire escapes in the model I just let the shadows create the allusion.

Brown Stone block

Brown Stone block

Brown Stone block birds eye view 3d model with skirt. When inserting the block into the rest of the world it can help to put a skirt around. That way if the model doesn’t line up perfect the skirt can help hide the gap. Gaps are critical and the only way to truly get rid of them is to weld vertices. They cannot simple be snapped.

2 thoughts on “Boston Brownstones

  1. Sweet dude sweet! Wish I could get that detailed in building maker but the source photos are not usually that high res. Adding Streets photos helps but those are pretty blurry too. I bet they have a switch they can pull to bump up the resolution of all that stuff if they ever want to. New! Google Earth HD! Heh 🙂

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