Drivable Cab Forward Truck


Working the fender

Working the fender



I right click to display the Object Properties and the click on the see-through property. This helps to manipulate the verts. Select and right click on the back ground reference images and click on don’t freeze in gray and the check freeze. That way you wont keep selecting by accident.

Wire Mesh Cab Forward Truck

Wire Mesh Cab Forward Truck

I’m building this over an existing model of a tractor trailer cab. I need a new interior and that is always tough.

I photographed this at Wendey’s in Binghamton NY.  Always have that camera ready to go you never know when you will see your chance to get an image. I cant tell you how often people get very uptight if you pull out your camera and start shooting. I try to get stuff when people don’t notice.

2 thoughts on “Drivable Cab Forward Truck

  1. Those seats look sweet. I like that door cutting technique. I’m starting my beginner modeling class this FRI but I’ll probably have to save that technique for Advanced level.

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