Virtual Backhoe

I found a backhoe at the Gym. I like to set up the reference photo on one page so I can see them in max while I work. An use the front, side, and back to scale from. Its always best to keep your reference photos in alignment and the proper scale ratios

3d backhoe in Max

3d backhoe in Max

I got some nice textures from these photos.

backhoe 3d

backhoe 3d

Low Poly Backhoe with Trailer

Low Poly Backhoe with Trailer

4 thoughts on “Virtual Backhoe

  1. That looks like the image igloo mode in SketchUp. How do you get the photos so they are aligned and scaled accurately? Guess the big tire could be a reference point.

    • I lay them out on a page in photo shop and use the guide to make sure that key areas line up. Then apply to a plane and dupe. put the two planes at 90 deg and if the photos are all aligned then the images wont fight each other. If you remove all the perspective in your images it is easier

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