Vehicle Development

I need to create a number of drivable trucks for the virtual world.  The will need to have interior, Exteriors, as well as numerous working feature. Windshield wipers will function, lights, doors will open and close etc.

Here I have edited an image out of my collection of truck images. I have collected interesting trucks in the hotel parking lot over the past year. I map the image to a frozen inverted cube with its properties set to viable while frozen.  The object that I am manipulating I can set to see-through.

truck development

truck development

The mirror will be seen from the user behind the wheel so all the highest details should be on the items that are view close up.

mirror attached

truck view

truck view



I added some axles and changed the maps to be a 3 axle dump truck.

3D Virtual Dump truck

3D Virtual Dump truck

2 thoughts on “Vehicle Development

    • Thanks. Just finished up a cool Airport but didn’t post it. Now onto trucks. Lots of trucks.

      I am going to get that global mapper software I think. I was looking at what was supported in the free file version and it looks to me that you really have to buy it to try it. I was also looking at some of the supporting terrain libraries and looks like I should be able to access all kinds of files and start learning and trying stuff.

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