Virtual Vehicles For Gaming

Low poly models created in 3ds Max and composite in After Affects

Fly Over

Fly Over of Virtual World

Kronos Trade Fair Animated Web Page Graphic

Still Capture with Text Overlays

I created this animated banner with 3ds Max. I used a high resolution pdf file and rendered to the resolution needed. It was tricky to get just the right wave and ripple

Banner Layout Design

Tall Format

Regular Format

Long Format



Graphic Animation Design

Animation project for Kronos web launch. I down loaded meshes form a web library and then animated with 3d Studio Max. I rendered as 32 bit still images with transparent back ground so the animation could be floated over the background page.

View of World

Highway Scene

Adding a Gun

Put a gun in the hand and here isĀ  a first pass looking at lighting and the model. It needs lighting adjustments obviously, but this is what I had time for this morning. I will smooth out the animation and continue to adjust the lighting.

Trigger Finger

Working on rigging the hand properly. The bones must be placed in the hand perfectly. The alinement in every finger is critical so the envelopes that control the skin flex will work correctly. Depending on the amount of detail being shown may require an even hire quality hand model with more geometry.

Animated Hand